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Filomena Silva Campos from Porto, an exclusive visual artist, began her artistic journey in the 80s, attending the Architecture Course at the Faculty of Architecture of Porto. Later he took the Practical Painting Course at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 2013/17.

She has additional training in the Exhibition-Space and Curatorial Concept Courses at the Rectory of Porto University and at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto in Diagrammatic Drawing courses; Intermediate Drawing; Painting Studio, Project Monitoring; Watercolor; Illustration Techniques; Color as a Painting Matter; Light as the Matter of Painting; Gesture as Matter of Painting; Composition as Matter of Painting; Illustration Techniques; Contemporary Art Markets: historical, analytical and utilitarian perspective; Decals/Image on Glass; Current Painting Techniques; These last two courses set the tone for investigating the plasticity of painting support materials without the two-dimensional character.

She held solo and group exhibitions in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. Represented in private collections in Portugal, Canada, France and England. He participated in Project-Plein Air Week with artists Aleksejs Naumovs and Kistops Zarins, dean and professors at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Riga. He participated in the International Congress of Contemporary European Painting, ICOCEP, at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto in 2017 and 2019. Attended a lecture by Professor Martin Kemp from the University of Oxford; Luck Tuymans and Pedro Cabrita Reis, at FBAUP. Chronicler and author of the paintings on the covers of the Magazine [Sem] Equívocos nº13 and nº14, 2020, of the Book of Proceedings IV ICBE, 2016, of the Poster of the Day FMDUP, 2017 and illustration in the book of Poetry Mª José Castro, 2019.


She has a master's degree in Communication and Language from the Institut Psicologics of the University of Catalonia and in parallel to this career he took the Encaustic Painting course, the Artistic Drawing Course, CEAC; the Creativity Technologies Course and the Children's Expression Course, ESEPF.

She carried out projects linked to plastic expression with the creation of the Studies and Expression Office at CEAP in Porto where he organized and coordinated the Drawing and Fine Arts course.

It has always been linked to the field of arts with direct teaching of plastic expression with children and young people and in courses such as, Curso de Escrita Criativa e Curso Marketing Digital, Zona Verde-Consultoria e Estudos Avançados, e-learning; Workshop de fotografia Mobile, Mira Fórum; Mini-curso “O Fotógrafo Artista”, artista Katarzyna Chiluta, e-learning; Mini-Curso de Arte-Terapia “Arte & Emoções”, Sociedade Portuguesa de Arte-Terapia, e-learning; Curso Livre de Pintura em Seda; Curso Livre de Artes Florais;

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